10th Annual
         Triangle Sportscaster Camp

July 6th - 8th, 2009; Raleigh, NC
Email TriangleSportscasterCamp@gmail.com to register or for details or call (919) 291-7918.

    Triangle Sportscaster Camp

                                                                                                                           Camp Founder, Patrick Kinas

                  Just as with basketball, baseball, football camps and golf, swimming and tennis lessons, the Triangle
Sportscaster Camp is designed to achieve the same


The purpose of this camp is simple.  When I was a teenager, harboring wishes of broadcasting sports for a living, my parents were encouraging, yet truly unable to help.  There were no camps, there were no forums, there was nothing.  Fortunately, an opening arose at my hometown radio station when I was 15, which allowed me a chance to begin building a career.  However, the  fundamentals I truly needed were still lacking as I entered college. I’m regularly approached by parents and their kids to shadow me for a broadcast because their child has an interest in sports broadcasting.  I’m happy to do it, but it began to make me realize that there were many other kids with the same dream as I had, but no outlet to learn, ask questions and get a head-start on a future.  Even today, sportscaster camps such as these are extremely rare. 


The Triangle is such a unique location in America where major sports can be found at arm’s reach:  NFL to NHL, to major college sports to professional baseball, all which have exceptional broadcast talent, voicing indelible memories for sports fans young and old. 


I want others to have a concentrated opportunity to gain the basic fundamentals, learn from the state’s unparalleled sportscaster resources, and hopefully lay the groundwork for others to enter the field that I’m so fortunate to call my career.  


These facts were the catalysts for the creation of the inaugural Triangle Sportscaster Camp.



Triangle Sportscaster Camp
(919) 291-7918
Durham, NC  27701
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